Made by moms!

We, Agrita and Liene, met unexpectedly, but there definitely was a bigger reason for that!

Together we are building Fox That Maker and our vision is:

Every child needs to have opportunity to spend their free time at home in interesting, creative and meaningful activities!

We are all about fun, creativity, learning new skills for kids and free time for parents :)


    Her strong side is development of craft kits. Full of ideas and enthusiasm to learn all the necessary skills, test different materials and make new kits come to life.


    She is an artist! Every design, photo and video material here is her great job. She will combine colors perfectly so you are amazed how your project turns out.

The best testing team

There wouldn’t be any Fox The Maker if there weren’t our kids. They are the reason we care about meaningful activities in early age, why we know what development of fine motor skills means and why we love what we do.

They are always the first ones to test new kits and help to make them kid-friendly.

  • Emily (7)

    Creative personality. She likes to come up with her own projects. She's made us understand that nothing can be thrown out, everything can be used for a new project.

  • Elina (6)

    Probably the first woman on Mars or the first to introduce a color scheme for the days of the week. In any case, the key is to be the first! ;) She has the speed and determination. See the world in colors, like to organize things by her own system.

  • Karlis (4)

    He likes superheroes, fighting and Lego. He will definitely encourage us to make boxes for the guys, and that will be a challenge for us. But together we will succeed!

  • Eva (4)

    Shine, curls and ruffles are all she needs for a good day. Upcoming fashion icon. Talking to princesses in dreams. A princess with a seizure (literally) because of the strength she has. She likes hanging, squatting, jumping, running and dieting.