Embroidered Easter decorations

Embroidered Easter decorations

Sewing is a great activity for any age. Sewing improves fine motor skills, is in great connection with language and speaking development, and teaches how to hold the pen correctly.

It is fun to combine sewing with decoration making before holidays. This time I’ve chosen Easter time to make sewing crafts that we can use to decorate the house before Easter.

rodoši darbiņi bērniem Lieldienās šūšana

What do you need for an Easter sewing craft?

  • Thick paper

  • Colorful yarns

  • Big needle

How to make Easter sewing crafts?

STEP 1 is to draw or print Easter theme pictures. You can use our blank free printable with carrot, rabbit, and egg. If you prefer to have sewing lines then choose this printable.

Lieldienu izprintējami trafareti

STEP 2 is to cut the shapes and draw lines for sewing. I suggest using straight lines and not too short.

izprintējams Lieldienu trafareti zaķis burkāns un ola

STEP 3 is the sewing part. Make holes before sewing – remember not to make them too close. Otherwise, you can make big holes in the paper.

bērnu šūšanas darbiņi Lieldienās

bērnu šūšanas darbiņi Lieldienās

 Finished decors can be used as window decorations or hung on the branch (inside only).

If your kid enjoyed this sewing activity, check out the sewing craft kit with different designs that fit both – boys and girls.

Have a nice craft!