The creation of Fox The Maker began in 2020 with Agrita, Liene, and the idea of subscription boxes for kids.

What connects us?

Even though Agrita is an analytical chemist and Liene is a graphic designer, we both are mothers of two & we both love creative projects since our own childhood.

From the very beginning of our motherhood journey, we have been passionate about children development & meaningful activities. And we still are!

Challenges of parenting

Sometimes it is challenging – to find ways of keeping children occupied and doing something beneficial as opposed to just watching and using screens (including for our own kids, at times).

It was tough to find the time to do the research & gather all the materials at first. We believe that STEAM experiences are the best way for children to spend their free time and learn. These activities also improve such skills as critical thinking, problem-solving, & hand-eye coordination. It makes them feel proud of the overwhelming accomplishment. So we kept doing!


Together we are on a mission to make it easier for you. Provide meaningful activities, connect deeply with your child & bring joy to family time. Without tedious prep work!

Agrita & Liene

Co-founders of Fox The Maker

By the numbers

Different crafts

countries shipped to

boxes packed


Feel the fun of learning & trying new things.

These are things that we love & we want you to experience them as well. That is the best way to find your creative passion!

Thanks for support

Many thanks to the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) for supporting the development of the Fox The Maker brand in accordance with the European Regional Development Fund project "Promotion of International Competitiveness". Contract number SKV-L-2022/213.