Gift wrapping

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Gift wrapping

Gift wrapping

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AGE BEST SUITED: up to 104



If you want to send our creative boxes as a gift immediately to the recipient, then add the wrapping of these gifts to the order and we will wrap the creative box in gift paper, wrap it with a beautiful ribbon and add a handwritten greeting (prepared by you)!

The set includes everything your child needs to create a unique craft:

Frustration FREE crafting - Detailed instruction with an image of each step is included, no more confusion, only endless fun!

CAN BE USED ALONE, WITH PARENTS AND WITH FRIENDS - Great Parent-Child Interaction for a warm family time. Or can keep your child busy independently. Bonus: Also great activity for kids parties. Endless possibilities.

We will send the order within 1-3 working days.

If the order needs to be received urgently, then give a message to

Read more about delivery and return of goods HERE.

And there is more:

GREAT GIFT IDEA - Deliver this gift of fun & creativity to any boy or girl for Birthdays, Christmas, school prizes, or a reward for a job well done!

FUN TO CREATE, PROUD TO DISPLAY - Your child will not only have fun crafting, but also feel proud to show off, use or gift their finished work.