• Choose subscription line

    Choose one of the two subscription lines and how often you want to receive the creative box - once or twice a month.

  • Receive a new box regularly

    Regularly receive a new creative box. Payment for the box will be made automatically until the end of the subscription or termination.

  • Happy kids, happy parents!

    Each box provides hours of exciting activity and creativity development while you can relax and take a moment for yourself.


    Every month a new creative project that gives you the opportunity to learn new skills such as sewing and weaving, as well as making a clock, creating plant herbariums in a flower press and more! This is an opportunity for the child to learn various operating techniques, in order to implement their own imaginative projects! Read more.. .


    A child's opportunity to create his own unique playground with wooden figures, a city, a car, animals, trees and houses! This subscription makes the child return to what he created in the previous month and gives a new meaning to the work done! Read more...

Subscription FAQs

How many months is the subscription?

Subscription lines are 6 months long if you choose to receive 1 creative box every month.

If you choose to receive 1 creative box every 2 weeks or 2 times a month, then the subscription will be 3 months long.

What age are subscription boxes for?

Currently available subscription lines are suitable for children aged 5-8 years. Activities include sewing, fabric dyeing, construction and other creative activities.

Younger children may need more help from adults to understand how to do the work.

Is the price for all subscription boxes?

The price of the product is for one subscription box. Payment for the next box will be made automatically according to your chosen payment method.

Is it possible to pay for all the boxes and get half a year?

Yes, in that case email us at info@foxthemaker.com and we will send an invoice for all the boxes.

Creative boxes will be shipped one at a time.

Can I unsubscribe?

If for any reason you wish to unsubscribe, please let us know at info@foxthemaker.com and we will unsubscribe. No cancellation fees will apply!

You can also cancel your subscription in your account on our website www.foxthemaker.com.

Can I choose creative boxes?

With the "Creative Minds" subscription, you will receive a questionnaire to note the design and color variations that your child will like, and you will also be able to indicate if one of our creative sets is already in your home, so that each set is new for the child!

It is not possible to choose boxes in the subscription "People and life", because they are universal - for both boys and girls. Box by box subscription gives you the opportunity to create a playground.

Why choose a subscription? I can buy a box every month.

Do you remember waiting for your subscription magazine in the mailbox every month? Gives the child these feelings of anticipation and excitement!

Besides, in our hurried rhythm of life, sometimes we don't even notice how time flies. And the time passes just as quickly since the last creative activity or trying out new skills for the child. Subscription is an opportunity to regularly give the child something new, as well as to spend time in joint creative activities.