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Fox The Maker

Wooden Sewing Kit with a Metallic Needle

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What's included in the box?

Sewing kit with 1 sewing card includes:
• 1 wooden sewing card (size 21x14.5cm)
• threads in 3 colors
• "big eye" needle
• 1 cardboard sewing card

Sewing kit with 3 sewing card includes:
• 3 wooden sewing card (size 21x14.5cm)
• threads in 6 colors
• "big eye" needle
• 1 cardboard sewing card

Sewing kit with 6 sewing card includes:
• wooden sewing cards (size 21x14.5cm)
• threads in 10 colors
• 2 "big eye" needles
• 1 cardboard sewing card

For what age is this craft box?

These sewing cards are intended for children from 5 years of age.

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Introducing the Wooden Sewing Kit with a Metallic Needle! This wonderful product provides children with new skills, pencil grip practice, excitement about making a project, and important bonding that takes place together with parents.

The wooden sewing cards with pre-made holes are great for younger kids to develop their first sewing skills. These wooden cards are easy to hold while sewing and can be sewed more than one time. Sewing not only gives children the opportunity to develop their first sewing skills, but it also improves fine motor skills that are connected to language and speech development.

This is an excellent product for parents who want to give their children a head start in learning new skills.

With this sewing kit, your child will gain confidence and have a lot of fun!

Plus, the excitement of completing a project together with a parent is sure to make this a bonding experience they'll always remember.

Order your Wooden Sewing Kit with a Metallic Needle today and spend time having fun with your child!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Tonia Twigger

Two more quality pieces arrived very quickly, this time super heroes. My Littles will each sew themselves as a super hero! Thank u.

Elizabeth Kalman

This is such a lovely item. I had been in search of something at a higher preschool level to encourage sewing and this hit the nail on the head. perfect for a longer activity as well. so much of these types of things are super quick to do and once completed will not be of any interest to do again. So happy I found this seller.

Cindy Espinosa

Excellent product and customer service. I will shop again soon!

Fiona Crowther

Great kit for children to learn to sew! My child is 4 and loves ot!

Tonia Twigger

All the way from Latvia in time for Valentine's Day. This is not just a preschool sewing kit, this is a wooden heirloom treasure. The workmanship is thoughtful, and I can see it fully threaded showing up someone's baby book. Lovely piece. My only sadness is that I read the description wrong and wish now I had ordered more than one.

Katherine Whaley

The nephew and niece love these.

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